the Wedge Ceramics Studio
Studio Space

The Wedge Ceramics Studio provides a place where clay, creativity and community meet. We are an integral part of a thriving and building arts community here in Reno. The Wedge Ceramics Studio is currently home to a diverse group of over 50 ceramic artists.

We are a growing studio in a 4000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse turned ceramics studio. We offer community studio space. Someday when we expand we will offer private studio spaces.


  • 3 Electric Kilns
  • 18 Pottery Wheels
  • Slab Roller
  • Wedging Table
  • Studio Glazes
  • Pneumatic Extruder
  • Spray Booth
  • Large Work Tables
  • Tools for throwing and handbuilding
  • Free Recycled Clay
  • Display Gallery
  • Texture Pads and Press Molds
  • Small outdoor Gas Kiln
  • Raku Kilns 
  • Large Baily Gas kiln
  • Keurig Coffee Maker






2095 Dickerson Rd.